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Space Fence

Location Kwajalein Atoll, Republic of the Marshall Islands
Sector Government
Services Dispute Resolution

The Space Fence project is a state-of-the-art advanced radar designed to track space objects. Delays were experienced due to design issues and unforeseen conditions. Numerous subcontractors filed claims to recoup money for direct costs and extended general conditions. Through detailed analysis, Aegis assisted its client in the defense against these claims and helped promote a settlement between the parties.

Project Value $900M
Claim Value $16M

USAMRIID Replacement Project

Location Fort Detrick, MD
Sector Life Sciences
Services Dispute Resolution

In July 2009, one of Aegis’s clients was contracted to perform the work associated with building automation and security as the U.S. Army Medical Research Institute of Infectious Diseases (USAMRIID). The new facility included state-of-the-art BSL-3 and BSL-4 biocontainment laboratory spaces, animal facilities, and administrative and operational offices. During commissioning of the project, the facility experienced many setbacks due to numerous design issues and a catastrophic fire which required years of additional repair work.

Aegis was hired to evaluate the impacts and determine the issues and parties responsible for critical path delays on the project. This required the review of the extensive project records and correspondence, and the evaluation of thousands of contemporaneously documented issues. Aegis used these sources to forensically impact the project schedules and analyze them for delays. Aegis’s work assisted in the parties reaching an agreed upon settlement that included both additional time and money.

Project Value $116M
Claim Values $2M, 502 Calendar Days

Edward Hines, Jr. Veterans Hospital

Location Hines, IL
Sector Healthcare
Services Dispute Resolution Forensic Schedule Analysis

The U.S. Department of the Army contracted with an Aegis client to expand and renovate the Edward Hines, Jr. Veteran Affairs Hospital located in Hines, IL. The renovation of the North tower façade experienced delays due to design issues which extended the performance by approximately 850 calendar days. Aegis performed the forensic schedule analysis and quantified the financial impacts. Based in large part due to Aegis’s analysis, the matter settled in early 2022.

Project Value $33.4M
Claim Value $2.4M

Nitrocellulose Facility

Location Radford, VA
Sector Government Industrial
Services Dispute Resolution Expert Report

Aegis was contracted to provide an independent third-party expert opinion on design delays cause by the owner. This one-of-a-kind facility which was designed to manufacture nitrocellulose, required numerous specification revisions that extended design durations. Our analysis required the creation of a day-by-day as-built to measure the delays. Aegis created a comprehensive expert report and is currently working with the legal team to resolve this dispute.

Project Value $250M
Claim Value $350M

Miami Beach Convention Center

Location Miami, FL
Sector Commercial Industrial Renovation
Services Dispute Resolution Expert Report Expert Testimony Forensic Schedule Analysis

In the fall of 2018, Aegis was engaged to provide an independent third-party opinion on the impacts and delays that occurred on the Renovation of the Miami Beach Convention Center. During the course of this project, there were several scope additions and design modifications, which extended the period of performance. These impacts were further exacerbated by shut down periods, which restricted access to the project site.

Aegis evaluated numerous contemporaneous issues, reviewed the project record, conducted interviews, and performed a forensic schedule analysis, which identified the causes of critical delay on the project. At the conclusion of its analysis, Aegis produced an expert report of its conclusions and later provided expert testimony during litigation.

Project Value $550M

North Contract

Location Biloxi, MS
Sector Water/Wastewater
Services Critical Path Delay Analysis Dispute Resolution Expert Report Loss-Of-Productivity Calculation

The North Contract in the City of Biloxi, MS required the overhaul and replacement of Water, Storm, and Sewer lines, approximately 35 miles of paving, and associated landscaping. The Project was separated into eight areas and affected nearly every road North of the central East-West rail line in the city. The project was affected by unforeseen impacts, causing critical path delay almost immediately after the Notice to Proceed was issued. Aegis used industry standard methodologies to perform the critical path delay analysis, loss-of-productivity calculation, and draft an expert report. Construction was completed in January 2021.

Project Value $116M
Claim Value $80M

414 Light Street

Location Baltimore, MD
Sector Residential
Services Affirmative Delay Analyses Claim Support

414 Light Street is a 44-floor luxury apartment building in the Inner Harbor of Baltimore Maryland. Questar Builders, Inc., was the developer based on the cutting-edge design of Solomon Cordwell Buenz. Aegis worked on behalf of the owner to defend against cost and delay claims from the General Contractor. In addition, Aegis provided claim support services during the construction of the project including affirmative delay analyses and the rebuttal of an opposing expert’s schedule delay analysis. In October 2019, the delay and costs were settled. Aegis was instrumental in facilitating a settlement without a protracted litigation process.

Project Value $170M
Claim Value $10M

Corvias Infrastructure Solutions

Location Maryland, Pennsylvania, Wisconsin, California
Sector Water/Wastewater
Services Project Controls

Aegis provided project controls services for these unique public partnership (P3) stormwater programs that Corvias will engage in with local municipalities. These programs usually require the teams to develop their own projects within the program therefore the projects must be tracked from the planning phase through the design, procurement, and construction. Aegis developed robust project and program tracking metrics which it then published as KPI's within a dashboard that can be private and/or public facing.

Budget $300M

Warehouse – Harbor Logistic Center Buildings 1, 2 & 3

Location Baltimore, MD
Sector Commercial
Services Baseline Development Planning & Scheduling

Three buildings totaling approximately 600,000 square feet. Featuring 36-foot clearing heights and 250 parking spaces for autos, with another 39 for trailers.

Sq. Ft. 600K

STAR Campus – Biopharmaceutical Innovation Building

Location Newark, DE
Sector Education
Services Planning & Scheduling

Aegis worked with Whiting-Turner to create and manage the schedule for the University of Delaware’s STAR Campus 6 story, 208,00 sf Biopharmaceutical Innovation Center.

A building that accommodates around 300 researchers’ labs and offices. In addition to a bioimaging center with state-of-the-art microscopes, a DNA sequencing center, an automated bioreactor for cultivating cells, a training lab for K-12 teachers, and a model pharmaceutical factory.

Budget $165M

Metro Silver Line

Location Herndon,VA
Services CPM Schedule Design Package Dispute Resolution Permitting

The Dulles Corridor Metrorail Project is a 23-mile extension of the existing metrorail system. Phase II consists of six stations along 11.4 miles extending from Wiehle-Reston Station to Ashburn. The majority of the rail extension is in the median of the Dulles International Airport Access Highway. The project consists of both at-grade and elevated guideways. The project schedule includes detailed activities for Design, Right of Way, Permits, Civil, Track, Structures, Facilities (Stations and Pavilions), and Systems & Commissioning.

Budget $1.2B

Back River Wastewater Treatment Plant

Location Baltimore, MD
Sector Government Water/Wastewater
Services Baseline Development Cost Loading Services

The project’s new construction included a coarse screen facility, influent pumping station, fine screen facility, grit removal facility, wet weather storage tanks, electrical substations, and structures to incorporate the facility with the existing wastewater treatment plant. The new coarse screen facility and influent pumping station features four 200 MGD coarse screens, four 70,000 GPM influent pumps and motors, four 60,000 GPM influent pumps and motors, and associated piping, valves, and flow meters. The fine screen facility includes six fine screens and two sets of solids handling equipment and the grit removal facility includes eight traveling bridge grit removal systems, grit removal pumps, grit slurry troughs, grit classifiers, and solids handling equipment.

A grit blower building, sanitary pumping station, two 18-million-gallon wet weather storage tanks, and a storage tank valve vault were constructed, along with the installation of buried piping systems and completion of backfill and surface restoration following each installation. Modifications to the main electrical substation, and installation of odor control systems, stormwater management facilities, and erosion and sediment controls were also included in the scope of work. Improvements to existing structures included the dewatering pump station and fine screen facility, modifications to the main electrical substation, selective demolition, and sitework.

Budget $429M