Celebrating 15 Years

About Aegis

Our mission: keep construction projects on time and on budget with the highest quality, cutting edge project control work in the industry.

Project controls isn’t just part of what we do — it’s all we do. Aegis is built different – like the mighty and fearless rhino, we face complex challenges head on to create exceptional outcomes. We are natural-born innovators and entrepreneurs. Our growth and success are fueled by our dedication to going above and beyond.

Aegis’ sole mission is to improve the construction industry by providing project controls and technology solutions unlike any other in the world. We believe that an intelligent, innovative, and analytical project controls program plays a vital role in ensuring the overall health of a construction project. We join each project as part of the team, with a vested interest in the success of the project and the mission.

Founded in 2006, we’ve grown from a small team of passionate project controls professionals to the largest project controls firm in the country with offices throughout the USA and Europe. Aegis offers a full scope of program and project controls services including scheduling, management, cost, resources, risk, and dispute resolution services to be able to better serve our clients at every touch point of the project.

Recognizing that the ever-growing complexity of construction, Aegis’ constantly expands its services to meet these needs.  Aegis’ services have expanded to include the Last Planner System (including pull planning), linear scheduling, and a number of visualization services such as 4D/5D and Visual Scheduling.

The Aegis Difference


We don’t settle for just meeting the requirements – we generate creative, meaningful solutions and execute them for the betterment of the project.


We are energetic and high-spirited because we love what we do.  Doing exceptional work for our clients is part of the fun.

Executive Team

David Hatwell

CEO, The Aegis Companies

Robert Plunkett

President, Planning and Scheduling

Michael Bonistalli

President, The Aegis Companies

Kyle MacDonald

CFO, The Aegis Companies

Rachel Zukrow

CPO, The Aegis Companies

Russell Wodiska

President, Dispute Resolution

Mark Davies

President, Owners and Advisory Services

Michael Bograd

Vice President, Planning and Scheduling

Paul Gabriel

Vice President Operations, Planning and Scheduling

Stew Meny

Director of Business Development


Regional Leadership

Brook Bolger

Senior Vice President, West Coast (Irvine, CA)

Jose Guevara

Senior Vice President, Southeast (Orlando, FL)

Wayne Manning

Senior Vice President, Mid-Atlantic (Silver Spring, MD)

Steven Murray

Senior Vice President, Southwest (Dallas, TX)

Christopher Saint

Senior Vice President, Northeast (Philadelphia, PA)

Patrick Stethem

Senior Vice President, Europe (Dublin, Ireland)

Senior Leadership

Proud Supporter of Rhinos Everywhere

Like the fierce and mighty rhino, at Aegis, we step toward the tough projects, the ones that need help getting on the right path. Our mascot, Reggie the rhino, embodies our image as a company that works hard to get the job done right, especially when the going gets tough.

As Aegis grew, so did our understanding of the plight of wild rhinos. According to the World Wildlife Fund, rhinos are killed every day because of the mistaken belief that their horns cure medical disorders from cancer to hangovers. Today, very few rhinos survive outside national parks and reserves. Poaching, habitat loss, and even political conflict are all threatening the survival of the rhino species.

There’s no tougher or more honorable project than helping to save these incredible animals from extinction. We’re proud to be an official corporate sponsor to several organizations that work to protect rhinos in the wild. Partnered with the Smithsonian National Zoo, we raised both money and awareness with the zoo’s inaugural “The Fierce and The Fierce” 5K Run in August 2018 to support their Conservation Nation, which is a global network of Smithsonian scientists and researchers leading the wildlife conservation charge to help save species.


Run for Rhinos!

Join us each year for the Friends of the National Zoo’s annual Fast and the Fierce 5k, sponsored by Aegis Project Controls

With so few rhinos left in the world, the survival of each is critically important. In addition to helping rhinos, race fundraising also supports other Conservation Nation projects.

These amazing creatures hold a special place in our hearts because they exhibit the same qualities that our company attempts to embody every day: standing firm in our beliefs, creative ways to solve problems and a focus on helping the greater good. Please join us in this family, pet and costume friendly 5k.

*Registration fees support Friends of the National Zoo’s mission. Additional fundraising directly supports Conservation Nation projects in the wild.

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Work Hard, Play Hard

Being a part of the Aegis team is about a lot more than showing up ready to work. We expect a lot of our team, and in return we foster an “esprit de corps” that benefits our employees, our company and our clients.