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Built exclusively for the construction industry
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Project health at the tip of your fingers

Built specifically for the construction industry, Aegis Analytics is fine-tuned to display all critical project controls information in one place through a real-time dashboard built from your projects’ CPM schedules.

This allows construction companies to get ahead of the curve when managing many projects and allows teams to quickly review and identify critical areas of need.

Project Portfolio

Your project portfolio gives you a snapshot of the health of all your projects. This page gives you feedback on your entire portfolio and allows you to sort, filter, and find the project or projects you seek.   With one click of the mouse, you can zoom into the details of a project without leaving the portfolio page or jump into the project’s dashboard for more detailed information.

Project Insights

Aegis Analytics is an essential platform for construction and project controls professionals who demand precision, efficiency, and clarity for their projects.

Aegis Analytics records every scheduled activity, from groundbreaking to hand-off, allowing you to visualize your entire project timeline in one dashboard. With a single click, our dashboard identifies critical path activities that impact project duration.

Our dashboard gives you access to detailed task completion rates, pinpoints bottlenecks, optimizes workflows, and gives you the tools to bring your projects in on time and on budget. Aegis Analytics also provides feedback on upcoming activities and the critical work that needs to be completed in the upcoming update period.

No more guesswork—focus your efforts where they matter most.

Quality Control

A great schedule is the foundation of an effective project controls plan.  Aegis Analytics quality control page helps you improve your project by giving valuable insights into your project’s schedule quality and dependability. You can quickly identify missing and bad logic, high durations, large total floats, and numerous other metrics. Our quality control page also performs the full DCMA 14-point Schedule Assessment. Both our quality control report and the DCMA assessment are available for your reporting needs via download.


Aegis Analytics changes the way we look at risk in the construction industry.  Our dedicated team of risk professionals reimagined what risk information a company would need to make informed decisions. Our teams help customers prioritize schedule risks based on their impact, visualize risk scenarios, and stay ahead of challenges to ensure on-time and on-budget delivery.

Reactive Risk Register™
Our add-on service option, Reactive Risk Register™, leverages the power of the cloud to create a new kind of risk register.  Reactive Risk Register ™ connects your risk register to your project schedules and performs advanced Monte Carlo simulations on the fly to predict thousands of project scenarios with your project to determine the likelihood of hitting key deadlines. By leveraging the cloud, teams can now work together to monitor and maintain their risk registers.

Reactive Risk Register™ will also quickly compute the effects of your mitigation plan, determine which mitigative efforts will result in the most improvement, and even compute your cost-to-benefit ratios for each risk.

Performance trending
Imagine a product that analyzes the performance of the trades during construction and extrapolates how their work impacts your project.  Our performance trending service factors in trade performance and the uncertainties in upcoming task durations to provide a comprehensive view of potential outcomes.

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