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Cloud Based
Built exclusively for the construction industry
See detailed insights of each project
Identify the projects at risk
Used to manage a single project or program

Project Health At The Tip Of Your Fingers

Built specifically for the construction industry, Aegis Analytics is fine tuned to display all critical project information in one place through a real-time online dashboard that ties directly back to project schedules. This allows construction companies to get ahead of the curve when managing many projects and allows teams to quickly review and identify key areas of need.

At a glance, Aegis Analytics provides the broad strokes but, with just a click, access a deep dive into your projects.

Main Page

Our main page gives you a snapshot of the health of all your projects. This page allows you to sort, filter and find the project or projects you are looking for.   With one click of the mouse you can zoom to the summary details of an individual project or launch any projects detailed information.

Project Insights

Aegis Analytics give you details on all the projects milestones, displays the project critical path, activity completion indexes and much more.

Quality Control

Analytics quality control page gives you deep insights on all the schedule metrics of your project.  You can quickly identify missing and bad logic, high durations, large total floats, and numerous other metrics.  Our quality control page performs the full DCMA 14-point Schedule Assessment.  Both our quality control report and the DCMA assessment are available via download for your reporting needs.


Aegis Analytics changes the way we look at risk in the construction industry.  Our dedicated team of risk professional reimagined what risk information a company would need to make informed decisions. Aegis leverages the power of the cloud to perform on the fly monte carlo analyses to determine the likelihood of success for your projects.

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