Celebrating 15 Years

Aegis Analytics

Aegis Analytics, our custom-built dashboard, allows the team to manage numerous projects to quickly review the status of all their projects in one place and to dive deep into the health of their projects.

Aegis Analytics puts construction companies ahead of the curve when they are managing many projects. It allows the team to quickly review the status of all their projects in one place — and identify any projects that need attention through a real-time, online dashboard that ties directly into the project schedules.  Aegis Analytics delivers metrics that provide feedback on the health of your projects in one place. With a single mouse click, clients can review detailed project data and easily take an in-depth look for more information.

Aegis Analytics is for and has been built for the construction industry.  Users of Aegis Analytics can use our pre-built templates or customize the dashboard in almost an endless number of ways.   Our pre-built templates include sections for project summary, project details and project trends. The project summary is our executive overview with over 20 user selected Key Performance Indexes.  The project detail section allows the user to dive deep into a specific project to better understand how that project is performing. Finally, the project trend section provides historical information and trending on any milestone, KPI or user selecting data.

In addition to the standard metrics, Aegis Analytics can be fully customized to a company’s specific needs and branding.

Project Summary

Quality metrics and reporting are key components of a successful project controls program. Aegis Analytics is:

  • Cloud based
  • Built exclusively for the construction industry by Aegis
  • Allows a company to track all of their projects in one place
  • Identify the problem projects — directed reviews
  • Used to manage a single project or program