Celebrating 15 Years


Updating a schedule has never been easier. Logit is an Aegis created mobile app that eliminates the need for old update forms.

Logit – the ultimate tool that leverages the power of your mobile device to update the schedule. Logit was built by project controls professional for project controls professionals. The days of walking the site writing update information on scraps of paper only to have to reenter that information into the schedule later has come to an end. Logit covers all the bases:

  • Intelligently assign activities to different users
  • Quickly update the activities and sync the update directly to our cloud server
  • Take notes on the activities including pictures and sync everything to our cloud server
  • The ability to work offline and sync your progress later
  • Review and approve the update information
  • Progress notifications so you know when the field update is done
  • Create Primavera import files for seamless updating
  • Works on all mobile devices and tablets

Logit is in open alpha.

Want to start using Logit today? Contact Aegis at logitsupport@consultaegis.com to setup your free trial.