A game-changer for schedulers, Rubix is our in-house solution that allows our clients to compare, analyze and review Primavera P6 or Microsoft project schedules like no other software.

Rubix maximizes efficiency for schedulers by providing detailed feedback, comparing multiple schedules and checking for compliance with federal specifications. It automatically analyzes the logic of project schedules and delivers a detailed feedback report on their health and compliance.

Rubix is an add-on software program created by Aegis for project controls professionals. Compatible with over 20 different scheduling software’s including Primavera and Microsoft projects, this analytical software can run over 500 built-in checks to provide immediate insights on the schedule’s quality, risks and adherence with compliance protocols.

Rubix’s features:

  • Comparison compares two projects and generates reports for a set of specified criteria.
  • Assessment lists problems with any schedule’s logic (including selective items from the GAO & DCMA 14 point assessments).
  • Redundancy lists a schedule’s redundant logic ties (including multiple logic ties which aren’t SS/FF ladder logic).
  • Compliance checks for the schedule’s compliance with the VA and UFGS specifications.
  • Compatibility checks to see if a schedule is ready for conversion into any of the five most widely used scheduling software formats (SDEF, P3, Suretrak, MS Project, Primavera Contractor).
  • Utilities offers several functions to help with efficient scheduling (including calendar printing, file format conversions, multi-file POBS clean-up, integrity checks, external ties removal, XER structure modification and more).

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Rubix’s Professional Edition is licensed for one user on one computer. The License cost is $1,000, and there’s life-long updates without any additional upgrade costs.

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Software Restrictions

Rubix will not run on virtual machines or hypervisors, and is currently supported only on desktop operating systems like Windows 7 or 10.

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Schedule Comparison                
Schedule Assessment                
VA/UFGS Compliance                
Schedule Compatibility Checks                
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