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CPM scheduling courses

In this series of classes, we teach both the fundamental and advanced concepts and rules of Critical Path Method (CPM) scheduling. These classes will give the participants a complete understanding and use of the various elements of a CPM schedule, the terms, and significant concepts.

This class will also teach participants the basics and good practices of CPM scheduling, including activity development, logic, float, criticality, and the steps for developing a baseline schedule from design drawings.

More advanced classes are dedicated to writing good narratives, understanding pull planning, and how to translate critical schedule information into actionable direction.

Along with these concepts, this class will teach the users the basic and advanced use of Oracle Primavera, including how to copy, paste, import, and export files and develop and manipulate activities with logic. This includes how to code, organize, and filter your activities.

Courses available

AEG-100 · Introduction to Scheduling

SW-200A · Introduction to P6 (Part 1)

SW-200B · Introduction to P6 (Part 2)

AEG-101 · Introduction to Construction (Part 1)

AEG-102 · Introduction to Construction (Part 2)

AEG-103 · Project Control Guidelines

AEG-104 · Schedule Process Basics, Layout, Filter, Reports

AEG-105 · Basic Narrative Development

AEG-107 · Introduction to Blueprint Reading

AEG-108 · Introduction to Client Communication

AEG-109 · Graphic Schedules

AEG-110 · Pull Planning

AEG-111 · PSP Review

Construction planning courses

In this series of classes, we will provide a detailed understanding of the workflow and planning for the major scopes of a construction project, such as site utilities and superstructures. Our instructors are both construction and planning professionals and will detail the physical work for each scope and how to plan that work properly.

Courses svailable

CON-200 · Support of Excavation

CON-201 · Site Utilities

CON-202 · Foundations

CON-203 · Superstructure

CON-204 · Architectural

CON-205 · Civil/Structural

CON-206 · Envelope

CON-207 · Electrical

CON-208 · Mechanical

CON-209 · Plumbing

CON-210 · Life Safety

CON-211 · Elevators & Escalator

CON-212 · Consolidated MEP

Risk management courses

A properly implemented risk management plan predicts issues throughout all project phases and provides detailed contingency protocols for each scenario. The earlier risks are identified, communicated, and modeled, the more likely we will overcome them and minimize the impact on the project.
These courses will provide instruction on properly implementing a risk management program and all the elements that are part of that program. During these courses, the instructors will review all aspects of modeling and managing delays in a CPM schedule, including identifying a change, contractual requirements, developing and using fragments, time impact analysis, and case studies of actual delays.

Courses available

RSK-100 · Introduction to Risks in Planning

RSK-110 · Fragnet and TIA Development

RSK-200 · Claims and REA’s

RSK-300 · Owners Risk Management

Lean scheduling courses

Lean construction aims to increase productivity, profits, and innovation in the industry. Pull planning is a method in which personnel, materials, information, equipment, and the like only arrive at the time and place in which they are needed to maintain the flow of the production process.
We provide lean construction hands-on training to improve the schedule and organization of a construction project for all phases and functions. This course covers the fundamentals of the last planner system, pull planning, plan verification, and updating the plan.

During these courses, we will teach the project delivery process that uses Lean methods of maximizing stakeholder value while reducing waste by emphasizing collaboration between teams on a project. Our courses will teach the fundamentals and the actual implementation of the learned lean principles.

Courses available

LP-100 · Lean Fundamentals

LP-110 · Lean Practical Guidelines and Last Planner

LP-120 · Pull Planning

Custom courses

Customized training courses are tailored to your specific organizational needs and timelines. We can combine multiple elements of our classes to meet your specific requirements. Our classes can be held virtually, at one of our training centers, or your preferred location.

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