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At Aegis, we believe there is a big difference between creating a schedule and planning. A schedule is a document that is prepared to meet a contract requirement. Our plans are a tool to manage the project from concept to completion.

Obsessed With Your Success

Aegis works with the entire project team to create a plan that includes all phases of the work from concept to design and from pre-construction to close-out. We have an extensive list of Scheduling, Cost, Risk, Dispute Resolution, and Analytic services available to contractors throughout every phase of the project.


Our planners help manage the project from concept to completion. Aegis works with the project team to create a plan that includes all phases and scopes of the work. From concept to design, and from pre- construction to close-out, Aegis is a core part of the project team.

We use sophisticated analysis of the project’s data and leverage proprietary metrics and KPI’s to provide the project team with real time information about the status, risks, and quality of the project.


The goal of Aegis’ planning service line is to understand, predict, and constructively influence the time and resource outcomes of a project.

With decades of experience, Aegis has the processes and procedures needed to execute a successful plan. Our approach combines our proprietary systems and structured approach to planning with the unique nature of each project and program. We take the time to understand the individual requirements of each project from constructability to resource planning to create, with your team, the best plan for an on-time and budget project.

We often work within an existing project or program and offer enhancements that will bring value to your project through our depth and breadth of knowledge. Aegis can support your program through any or all the phases of a project:

  • Pre-Bid / Bid Schedules
  • Master Program Schedules
  • Design Schedules
  • Construction Schedules
  • Closeout / FM Schedules
  • Pre-Construction Schedules


  • Master Program Scheduling
  • Pre-Construction Planning
  • Specification preparation / Review
  • Design Schedule
  • Preconstruction Schedule
  • CPM Schedule Review
  • CPM Schedule Development
  • Fragnets & Time Impact Review
  • Cost/Resource Loading
  • Pull Planning
  • Progress Evaluation & Reporting
  • 4D / Graphical Scheduling
  • Key Performance Index Analysis
  • Dashboards


Project management is a complex discipline that blends all aspects of project controls with effective management to drive a positive outcome.


Aegis’ team of project managers combines construction and project controls expertise to provide your project or program an unsurpassed management experience.  Our project managers focus on the critical elements of a project – time, cost, risk, and resources with an eye on construction.

Our project managers are trained to become part of the construction team to create a seamless management experience.  Each of our project managers are change agents: they make the project goals their own and use their acumen to create purpose within the project and the project team.


General Services

  • Concept Development
  • Project Screening and Delivery Options Assessment
  • Strategy and Document Preparation, including:
    • Market sounding
    • Request for Qualifications
    • Request for Proposals
    • Instructions to Proposers
    • Technical Provisions
  • Performance-based Specifications
  • Development of Evaluation Criteria
  • Proposal Evaluation and Review Process

Pre-Construction/Design Phase

  • Develop the Project Controls Plan
  • Develop the Project Management Plan
  • Strategy and Schedule to Obtain Reviews and Approvals
  • Reporting and Enterprise Analytics

Construction Phase

  • Project Controls Management – schedule, costs, and risks
  • Provide Quality and Change Management Oversight
  • Monitor Construction Progress
  • Monitor and update the Master Project Budget
  • Coordinate with Project Team and Regulatory Agencies

Project Close-Out Phase

  • Monitor Comprehensive Final Inspection
  • Receive and Deliver all Guarantees, Warranties, and O&M Manuals
  • Final Account Report


Cost and time go hand-in-hand, a superior understanding of the costs leads to a successful project.


Aegis makes the monthly billing process straightforward with standardized procedures, thorough reviews of the payment applications, and deep insight into the cash and budget management of the project or program.

Our cost management system captures all forecasts, deviations, and changes —allowing clients to better understand the financial health of their projects.

Our cost management system captures all forecasts, deviations, and changes —allowing clients to better understand the financial health of their projects.


  • Bid Evaluation and Management
  • Estimate Preparation (Bid, Preliminary, Budget, Design)
  • Estimate Review
  • Estimate Validation
  • Change Pricing
  • Material take-offs
  • Earned Value Management
  • Project Cost Management



Aegis works alongside the project team to proactively identify risk, create mitigation plans, and implement those plans when needed. Our team of risk professionals have worked on projects of all types and sizes, and have the experience needed to guide your project to success.


Aegis was founded on the principle that risk management starts before construction and is maintained through the lifecycle of the project.

A properly implemented risk management plan not only predicts issues throughout all phases of a project but provides detailed contingency protocols for each scenario. The earlier risks are identified, communicated, and modeled, the more likely we are to overcome them and minimize the impact to the project.


  • Pre-construction risk planning
  • Contingency Planning (CSRA)
  • Risk Workshop Facilitator
  • Contingency Planning / Workshops
  • Risk Register maintenance
  • Periodic Risk Updates
  • Mitigation planning
  • Fragnets and Time Impacts
  • Monte Carlo Performance
  • Performance Trending
  • Cost and Resource Analysis
  • Lenders Rep Services


Aegis’ Dispute Resolution group is a premier team of construction experts committed to assisting our clients with risk resolution and avoidance strategies, affirmative claims, rebuttal reports, expert witness testimony services, and the timely resolution of disputes on complex construction projects.

Recognized in the fields of schedule delay analysis, cost analysis, loss of productivity analysis, quantification of damages, and expert witness testimony services, our experienced team is fully equipped to provide analytical and advisory services to clients throughout the life cycle of a construction project.


Using industry-standard methodologies and advanced analytic techniques, we are uniquely positioned to produce demonstrative analyses beyond the numbers and clearly illustrate cause and effect.

We pride ourselves on presenting the best possible supportable position for our clients during and through negotiations. If attempts fail and the eventual result is litigation, we can provide the necessary expert witness testimony and comprehensive support.

We highly value visibility into what can sometimes be an opaque process. We involve the client every step of the way through weekly check-in meetings and frequent progress reviews. Our team understands that this is inevitably a stressful process, and we believe that it is important that the client understands the steps involved, the internal and external challenges that exist, and the reasons for our approach. This collaborative approach allows everyone to be on the same page and can be very effective when trying to reach a resolution with the other party.

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  • Contract review
  • Identify, Assess, Measure Potential Risks
  • Determine Potential Impacts of Risk Items

During Construction

  • Advisory services
  • Third-Party Neutral Representative
  • Contemporaneous Delay and Cost Mitigation
  • Time Impact Analysis
  • Request for Equitable Adjustment
  • Change Order Support
  • Predictive Analytics Based on Past Performance

Post Construction

  • Advisory Services
  • Dispute Resolution
  • Forensic Schedule and Cost Analysis
  • Forensic Loss of Productivity Analysis
  • Expert Witness Services
  • Affirmative and Rebuttal Reports
  • Mediation Support


Turning complex data into actionable knowledge is a crucial element in keeping complex projects on task.  Our team is trained to identify important trending data and metrics to have a robust understanding of the project.


Aegis Analytics gives clients the ability to produce “narrative” dashboards– detailed, thoughtful, and stakeholder-specific, to ensure the right people are receiving the most mission-critical data.

Aegis’ dashboard has a full suite of metrics and tools to provide our clients a deep understanding of their projects.  Our reporting is interactive and accessible in real-time through our secure cloud platform.

For those projects with unique demands, our visualization team can create custom dashboards to show exactly what your project or program requires.

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Space Fence

Location Kwajalein Atoll, Republic of the Marshall Islands
Sector Government
Services Dispute Resolution

The Space Fence project is a state-of-the-art advanced radar designed to track space objects. Delays were experienced due to design issues and unforeseen conditions. Numerous subcontractors filed claims to recoup money for direct costs and extended general conditions. Through detailed analysis, Aegis assisted its client in the defense against these claims and helped promote a settlement between the parties.

Project Value $900M
Claim Value $16M

USAMRIID Replacement Project

Location Fort Detrick, MD
Sector Life Sciences
Services Dispute Resolution

In July 2009, one of Aegis’s clients was contracted to perform the work associated with building automation and security as the U.S. Army Medical Research Institute of Infectious Diseases (USAMRIID). The new facility included state-of-the-art BSL-3 and BSL-4 biocontainment laboratory spaces, animal facilities, and administrative and operational offices. During commissioning of the project, the facility experienced many setbacks due to numerous design issues and a catastrophic fire which required years of additional repair work.

Aegis was hired to evaluate the impacts and determine the issues and parties responsible for critical path delays on the project. This required the review of the extensive project records and correspondence, and the evaluation of thousands of contemporaneously documented issues. Aegis used these sources to forensically impact the project schedules and analyze them for delays. Aegis’s work assisted in the parties reaching an agreed upon settlement that included both additional time and money.

Project Value $116M
Claim Values $2M, 502 Calendar Days

Edward Hines, Jr. Veterans Hospital

Location Hines, IL
Sector Healthcare
Services Dispute Resolution Forensic Schedule Analysis

The U.S. Department of the Army contracted with an Aegis client to expand and renovate the Edward Hines, Jr. Veteran Affairs Hospital located in Hines, IL. The renovation of the North tower façade experienced delays due to design issues which extended the performance by approximately 850 calendar days. Aegis performed the forensic schedule analysis and quantified the financial impacts. Based in large part due to Aegis’s analysis, the matter settled in early 2022.

Project Value $33.4M
Claim Value $2.4M

Nitrocellulose Facility

Location Radford, VA
Sector Government Industrial
Services Dispute Resolution Expert Report

Aegis was contracted to provide an independent third-party expert opinion on design delays cause by the owner. This one-of-a-kind facility which was designed to manufacture nitrocellulose, required numerous specification revisions that extended design durations. Our analysis required the creation of a day-by-day as-built to measure the delays. Aegis created a comprehensive expert report and is currently working with the legal team to resolve this dispute.

Project Value $250M
Claim Value $350M

Miami Beach Convention Center

Location Miami, FL
Sector Commercial Industrial Renovation
Services Dispute Resolution Expert Report Expert Testimony Forensic Schedule Analysis

In the fall of 2018, Aegis was engaged to provide an independent third-party opinion on the impacts and delays that occurred on the Renovation of the Miami Beach Convention Center. During the course of this project, there were several scope additions and design modifications, which extended the period of performance. These impacts were further exacerbated by shut down periods, which restricted access to the project site.

Aegis evaluated numerous contemporaneous issues, reviewed the project record, conducted interviews, and performed a forensic schedule analysis, which identified the causes of critical delay on the project. At the conclusion of its analysis, Aegis produced an expert report of its conclusions and later provided expert testimony during litigation.

Project Value $550M

North Contract

Location Biloxi, MS
Sector Water/Wastewater
Services Critical Path Delay Analysis Dispute Resolution Expert Report Loss-Of-Productivity Calculation

The North Contract in the City of Biloxi, MS required the overhaul and replacement of Water, Storm, and Sewer lines, approximately 35 miles of paving, and associated landscaping. The Project was separated into eight areas and affected nearly every road North of the central East-West rail line in the city. The project was affected by unforeseen impacts, causing critical path delay almost immediately after the Notice to Proceed was issued. Aegis used industry standard methodologies to perform the critical path delay analysis, loss-of-productivity calculation, and draft an expert report. Construction was completed in January 2021.

Project Value $116M
Claim Value $80M

414 Light Street

Location Baltimore, MD
Sector Residential
Services Affirmative Delay Analyses Claim Support

414 Light Street is a 44-floor luxury apartment building in the Inner Harbor of Baltimore Maryland. Questar Builders, Inc., was the developer based on the cutting-edge design of Solomon Cordwell Buenz. Aegis worked on behalf of the owner to defend against cost and delay claims from the General Contractor. In addition, Aegis provided claim support services during the construction of the project including affirmative delay analyses and the rebuttal of an opposing expert’s schedule delay analysis. In October 2019, the delay and costs were settled. Aegis was instrumental in facilitating a settlement without a protracted litigation process.

Project Value $170M
Claim Value $10M

Corvias Infrastructure Solutions

Location Maryland, Pennsylvania, Wisconsin, California
Sector Water/Wastewater
Services Project Controls

Aegis provided project controls services for these unique public partnership (P3) stormwater programs that Corvias will engage in with local municipalities. These programs usually require the teams to develop their own projects within the program therefore the projects must be tracked from the planning phase through the design, procurement, and construction. Aegis developed robust project and program tracking metrics which it then published as KPI’s within a dashboard that can be private and/or public facing.

Budget $300M

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