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Life of an Aegonian

April 5, 2019Aegis

Aegis was founded with the belief that every voice counts and that the best ideas don’t have to come from management. We have an open-door policy for all employees that encourages entry-level Aegonians to feel free to speak with any executive about anything from ideas to improvements. We regularly send out surveys and create touch points for our team to give us feed back on how we’re doing. We create events that encourage Aegonians to get to know each other and management, creating bonds and comfort levels that encourages open dialogue.

The crown jewel of these events is our annual retreat Life of an Aegonian (LOA). Participation in this retreat is not determined by longevity or performance. In order to get invited, an Aegonian has to win a contest. That’s right, each year we have six competitions, from a crazy excel challenge to taking the best picture of our rubber rhino mascot Reggie (if you want your own Reggie the Rhino, see below on how to get one!**). We like to think these competitions open up this retreat to just anyone in the company, regardless of location, experience or positions. Our winners end up being a very cool cross-section of the company each with unique perspectives.

Our LOA winners and the top executives of the company spend a weekend together (at some pretty spectacular locations). Our goals are simple – to gain insight from the ground up, create trust among the attendees and to give our team a voice and hand in the evolution of Aegis Project Controls. LOA cultivates the development of relationships within our Aegis family. We eat together, share stories and get to know one another away from the office. It is a time to be open, ask questions and share ideas.

At the end of each LOA we walk away with new friendships, a better understanding of our company and a list of ideas that we’ve discussed, poked, prodded and chewed on. We’re proud to say that each year we’ve implemented more than 90% of these ideas and suggestions. This year, we’re headed to a Dude Ranch outfitted with custom shirts and cowboy hats. We will embrace ranch life Aegis-style, with horseback riding, pontoon rides and bonfires with the accompanying s’more kit, of course.

Life of an Aegonian is truly a special event because it allows our employees to be at the forefront of defining Aegis as a business and culture. Whether it’s our first employee, or our 100th, at LOA each Aegonian’s voice matters equally. We cannot wait to hear what everyone has to say this year.

**If you want your very own Reggie the Rhino rubber mascot, be one of the first 100 people to send your name and address to For each Reggie request we’ll donate $10 to the International Rhino Fund.**