Celebrating 15 Years


Aegis Academy provides project controls training to new and seasoned professionals. With decades of experience our consultants teach not just what they know – but what they do.

Aegis offers courses on:

  • CPM Scheduling
  • Oracle Primavera
  • Cost and resource loading
  • Delay and fragnet development
  • Time impact analyses
  • Custom courses

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Course Listing

ID Title Description
AEG 101 Introduction to CPM Scheduling (Beginners) An Introduction to the fundamental concepts and rules of Critical Path Method (CPM) scheduling. This class will provide the participants with a full understanding and use of the various elements of a CPM schedule, the terms, and major concepts. This class will also teach participants the basics and good practices of CPM scheduling within Primavera, including activity development, logic, float, criticality and the steps for developing a baseline schedule from design drawings. Along with these concepts, this class will detail how to copy, paste, import, export files, the development and manipulation of activities with logic, how to code, organize and filter your activities.
AEG 102 Construction Scheduling with Primavera (Advanced) This class includes a brief refresher on the major topics of AEG 101 and advanced software instructions using Primavera to build a construction schedule. This class will detail the best practices on how to correctly update and manage a schedule. This class will also discuss some of the more unique elements of construction scheduling such as procurement and commissioning.
AEG 201 Cost and Resource Loading (Advanced) This focus of this call is on the topics of costs and resource loading. In this class, participants will be taught how to incorporate resources and costs into a schedule. This class will include detailed discussions on the preparation of payment applications, cost reports and resource loading (with a focus on manpower) including how to prepare both tabular and graphical reports.
AEG 202 Risk Management: Delays, Fragnets and TIA’s (Advanced) This class focuses on the topic of delays within the context of CPM scheduling. During this class the instructors will review all aspects of modeling and manage delays in a CPM schedule including, identifying a change, contractual requirements, developing and using fragnets, time impact analysis and the case studies of actual delays.