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Risk Management

The ability to identify and overcome issues can be the difference between success and failure on a construction project.

Aegis was founded on the principle that risk management starts before construction and continues through completion. A properly implemented risk management plan not only predicts issues throughout all phases of a project but provides detailed contingency protocols for each scenario. The earlier risks are identified, communicated, and modeled, the more likely we are to overcome them without any measurable impact on the project’s resources or timeline. We provide transparent risk mitigation strategies specially tailored to each phase of a construction program, from pre- planning all the way to potential post-construction needs.

Prior to the start of construction,  Aegis’ risk mitigation plan includes a risk assessment meeting, the creation of a risk registry and monte carlo simulations.

During the project Aegis simulates actual and potential issues to model impact.  By modeling these issues early, the likelihood of mitigation increases significantly


Aegis identifies, assesses and measures all obstacles to timely project completion- including project specific factors, historic factors, key assumptions and the local trade market.

With all risks identified, Aegis runs thousands of simulations to determine the likelihood of an impact. The results of this analysis provides information essential to making decisions, such as teams impacted by the identified issues, the likely completion date based on the issues, and the overall cost implication of each issue to the project plan.

During Construction

Just as scopes change, risks evolve as a project develops and must be continuously re-evaluated.

During construction, Aegis continually runs Monte Carlo analyses to model potential issues. Addtionaly, we model new and potential issues as fragnets to quantify, identify the responsible parties, and provide strategies for mitigation.


If circumstances did not allow for the resolution of all issues during the course of construction, Aegis is equipped to offer full dispute resolution services.

Our experts are nationally recognized in the fields of forensic CPM scheduling, cost analysis and loss of productivity. We provide analysis and advisory to clients throughout all phases of the dispute resolution process.

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