Celebrating 15 Years

Owners Services

Implementing a project controls plan is critical to meeting the objectives of a project or program. With decades of experience Aegis has a unique understanding of these challenges. Our our suite of scheduling, cost, risk, and dispute resolution solutions have a proven record of on-time and on-budget deliverables.

We are your trusted partner, standing by you to provide the confidence that everything will be done right.

Owners who retain Aegis, benefit from hiring a firm that has built a proven project controls framework. This experience enables the successful delivery of complicated multi-billion-dollar programs. Our team will work alongside yours throughout the program life cycle, from the capital planning process through procurement and execution stages, and finally easing the asset into the Facility Maintenance Phase. We have an extensive list of Scheduling, Cost, Risk, Dispute Resolution, Project Management and Analytic services available to owners from the start.

Our team begins with a thorough understanding of your business objectives and needs.  From there, Aegis and your team will jointly prepare a strategy to meet, and exceed, those objectives.  We function as an extension of your team through open collaboration and clear communications. We manage the complicated project controls process to allow you to focus on core business practices, knowing that Aegis is protecting your interests.

What Our Partners Say


“Aegis was there for us. Things could not have run more smoothly, and we look forward to working with you again.“




“We already see the value you bring to the project during the pre-construction phase. A member of the Owner’s board provided flying colors about Aegis.”




“You have not only helped us deliver projects in true professional fashion, you have helped develop better builders.

CPM Scheduling

A properly prepared and updated schedule that aligns with the field is a powerful planning and risk avoidance tool.  Our seasoned professionals work with your team to manage your plan through the project’s successful completion.

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Cost Management

Cost and time go hand-in-hand, a superior understanding of the costs leads to a successful project.

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Risk Management

The ability to identify and mitigate risks can be the difference between success and failure on a construction project.

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Data Analysis

Turning complex data into actionable knowledge is a crucial element in keeping complex projects on task.  Our team is trained to identify important trending data and metrics to have a robust understanding of the project.

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