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Data Analysis

Turning complex data into actionable knowledge is a crucial element in keeping complex projects on task.

Every construction project generates millions of data points that change by the minute. Turning reams of data into actionable knowledge is a hallmark of our project controls approach, and it puts our work into a league of its own.

Our analytic work discovers meaningful information, such as trade performance issues and systemic problems, that can impact the cost and timeliness of a construction project. We do this by combining project data, our in-depth understanding of the project, and our expertise in project controls.

Aegis reports are particularly meaningful for our clients because we target them to different audiences so that the right people get the right information. For example, a report on the same project aimed at stake holders would have information relevant to them, and field staff would have a report customized to their needs.


Aegis Analytics creates information out of data

Aegis Analytics gives clients the ability to produce “narrative” dashboards– detailed, thoughtful, and stakeholder-specific, to ensure the right people are receiving the most mission-critical data.

Aegis customizes each report package to meet your needs and target viewers, but baseline reporting includes project matrix, monthly narrative(s), critical path reports, weekly look-ahead report(s), fragnet log, cost reports, metrics, and resource reports. All reporting is interactive and accessible in real-time through our secure cloud platform.

Aegis Analytics

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