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CPM Scheduling

The backbone of a good project controls program is a high-quality critical path method schedule that accurately reflects the work in the field.

“Plans are nothing; planning is everything.” Dwight D. Eisenhower

At Aegis, we believe there is a big difference between creating a schedule and planning. A schedule is a document that is prepared to meet a contract requirement. Our plans are a tool to manage the project from concept to completion.

Aegis works with the entire project team to create a plan that includes all phases of the work from concept to design and from pre-construction to close-out. Our pull planning sessions ensure buy-in from all the parties that the many handoffs are accurate, and the project milestones are achievable.

We know that the plan is only good until the first update. We continuously monitor the plan and work with your project teams to ensure that actual field work and the schedule remain in sync.

Owner Representation

Our culture at Aegis is collaboration and teamwork.  We believe in rolling up our sleeves and digging into a project.  Owners who retain Aegis get the benefit of hiring a firm that has actually built the schedules being managed.  Our team will work with the contracting team to produce the best schedule possible. We often find ourselves sitting side-by-side with the contracting team jointly understanding, developing and working towards an on-time project.

Baseline Scheduling

Aegis develops the preliminary baseline schedule and verifies that it captures all aspects of the scope of work.

This includes mapping out major design, pre-construction, construction, and commissioning milestones and conducting “pull planning” sessions to develop summary logic around each of them. As the schedule is further developed and subcontractors are retained, we continue working with your construction teams to ensure that actual field plans and the project master schedule always remain in sync.

Monitoring and Updates

Accurately updating the schedule with real-time progress data is an essential step in enabling active monitoring and automated analysis.

There are many factors in updating a schedule, from basic tasks like inputting completion percentages to more complex considerations, such as the schedule logic’s alignment with the actual sequence of construction in the field. Aegis ensures all teams understand and regularly communicate accurate progress data, giving us the ability to identify and mitigate issues before they can impact resources or schedule.

4D Scheduling

4D scheduling is the advanced process of linking a 3D model with the project schedule, to show a time-lapsed 3D graphic of the project as it’s built over time.  This tool allows the entire project time to better visualize the sequence of the work over time and the current progress of the work. 4D scheduling also allows the construction team to visualize trade sequencing, crew restraints and the flow of the work.  Savvy projects use this tool to identify gaps in the work and to streamline the flow of the trades.

Pull Planning

Aegis is one of the earliest adopters of Pull Planning in the project controls field and was the first project controls firm to become a member of the Lean Construction Institute.  Pull planning is a collaborative scheduling process where all the stakeholders gather together to commit to scopes, dates and the flow of the work. Pull planning looks at the project on a daily basis and requires commitments from the trades doing the work.  Aegis routinely leads teams during pull planning meetings and has trained hundreds of personnel in this dynamic scheduling tool. At Aegis, we believe that a combination of Pull planning, for short term commitments, and CPM scheduling, for long term planning, is a very strong project controls plan.

Linear Scheduling

Linear scheduling is a method of planning for complex linear projects, such as a roadway or pipeline. Linear scheduling turns thousand and thousand of data points and activities into a simple production based graphical chart. Using this chart Aegis has been able to optimize linear schedules, identify productivity gaps and ensure proper installation rates between trades.

Independent Project Controls Specialist

Success in construction is defined as on time and within budgets.  These two areas are the primary focuses of a project controls professional.  As construction continues to become more complicated, it becomes harder and harder to manage both of these critical commodities.  To protect their interests, both Owners and Contractors often have their own project controls professionals. We often see these professionals working in a non-collaborative manner, usually at the detriment of the project. An Independent Project Controls Specialist is hired by the project and represents only the best interests of the project. The Independent Project Controls Specialist serves as a true third party non-biased analyst of the current time and budget status of the project.  On a typical project, the Independent Project Controls Specialist:

  • Works with the project team including the Owner, General Contractor, Subcontractors, consultants, and other interested parties to prepare a baseline schedule that fully represents the plan of the project.
  • Works with the entire project team to identify potential risks and mitigation strategies.  This risk registry includes risk of every party on the project.
  • Evaluates periodic progress and reports to the project the overall status of the project.
  • Works with the project team to evaluate issues and potential issues to ascertain impact and mitigation strategies.
  • Provides the project team a third-party evaluation of the impacts and recommendations.

Aegis has served as an Independent Project Controls Specialist on billions of dollars of construction and have been part of the success of each project. We can assist in all aspects of implementing this type of program from the preparation of specifications to training your staff. For more information contact us at info@consultaegis.com.


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