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Cost Management

Cost and time go hand-in-hand, a superior understanding of the costs leads to a successful project.

Large projects have complex billings—Aegis makes this monthly billing process straightforward.  Every period the project schedule is updated to reflect the progress that occurred during the period.  Using this same data, and integrating costs, Aegis can quickly produce payment applications that are unbiased and driven by progress data.   Our internal processes allow us to quickly produce payment applications with greater accuracy and transparency then the traditional processes.

Our cost management system captures all forecasts, deviations, and changes —allowing clients to better understand the financial health of their projects. Contractors, owners, and subcontractors all benefit from our unbiased cost analysis.  We pinpoint spending and billing through Cost and Earned Value Management procedures to identify trends and create accurate projections of future costs.

Earned Value Management Done Right

A true Earned Value Management system for construction can often be a challenge to implement and just as challenging to get useful data. Aegis’ experience allows us to tailor each EVM application to specific project conditions rather than attempting to fit client requirements into a formulaic EVM approach. We give special focus to the strategy and implementation of each EVM system so that our clients may derive benefits from the system beyond compliance with the project requirements.

EVM and scheduling are often treated as two independent disciplines. However, these disciplines are interconnected and are most effectively managed through a single entity like Aegis. This allows our clients to lower the cost of implementing and maintaining an EVM system, improving cost and scheduling accuracy and creating a seamless process.

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