Celebrating 15 Years

State Route 91

Goverment | Transportation

The Challenge:

The challenge was to manage the design, permitting, utility relocation, ROW acquisition, Railway interfaces, and construction to widen one of the busiest freeways and interchanges in the nation through a heavily populated area while maiming traffic. Further, we had to demonstrate and quantify an array of impacts to the project ranging from intermittent interruptions, massive changes in allowable work windows, differing site conditions and wildlife interfaces.

Our Solution:

We created and updated a cost and resource loaded master schedule used for long-term planning, billing and impact analysis, and created a short-term look ahead schedules for day to day resource and manpower planning. We were able to demonstrate the extent of several impacts on the project and negotiate global settlements with RCTC, all while finishing the project several months earlier than the original program schedule and model contemplated completion.

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