Celebrating 15 Years

Jay Yap

Team Leader

Jay Yap is a Chief Scheduler with Aegis Project Controls, where he leads a team of project control engineers. Mr. Yap’s tenure began in 2009, allowing him to be an integral part of Aegis’ foundation and growth. He has over 25 years of worldwide experience in the field of engineering, construction, scheduling, and planning to deliver quality work product to his clients. He believes that investing time in the planning and scheduling stages of the project provides the client better control and delivery of a successful project. He has worked on hundreds of various projects from pre-construction to construction, developing a strong reputation and rapport with clients.

Mr. Yap holds a Bachelor of Science degree in Civil Engineering. When not planning major construction projects, he enjoys the outdoors and works on completing his dream to get a private pilot’s license.

jyap@consultaegis.com | 240-678-2704

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