Celebrating 15 Years

Russell Wodiska

President, Aegis Risk Management

Despite the best efforts and intentions of all parties, sometimes construction projects can just go wrong… really wrong. When this happens, it is important to get help and expert advice. Russell Wodiska, a Regional Vice President at Aegis, and Director of the Risk Management group, is an expert at evaluating and analyzing these difficult and often complex situations. Mr. Wodiska has extensive experience delving deep into the cause and effect of construction delays, and determining what caused the critical delay, who was responsible, and the associated financial damages.

With over two decades of consulting experience, real life in-the-trenches construction business experience, twelve-years as a Planning Commissioner for the City of Falls Church, and over a decade dealing exclusively with construction disputes, Mr. Wodiska has a comprehensive understanding of the issues, processes, and analytical solutions. Throughout his career, Mr. Wodiska has successfully worked on countless construction disputes with many of the nation’s top contractors. Mr. Wodiska is a testifying expert, and a certified Earned Value Professional from AACEI. He also holds a degree in economics from The London School of Economics, and a M.B.A. in finance from The George Washington University. When not analyzing claims, Russell spends his free time attempting to reach new heights climbing the mountains of the world.

rwodiska@consultaegis.com | 240-380-0615

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