Celebrating 15 Years

Cait Ghoshal

Director of Advisory Services

Cait Ghoshal works on behalf of project owners to improve procurement and finance operations, establish project controls and enterprise management practices, and evaluate and implement alternative project delivery strategies.

Cait’s expertise includes management consulting where she advises owners on public-private partnerships feasibility, providing procurement support, implementing value capture and other innovative financing and project delivery techniques, as well as offering risk advisory services. Cait has an extensive background in performing risk analysis for public-private partnerships (P3) industry. She also worked on community development and transportation policy issues at the Congress for New Urbanism and for the Office of the Mayor in Chicago.

Cait also co-authored the soon to be released “Airport Privatization: Guidance for Airport Decision-Makers,” a publication of the Airport Cooperative Research Program. The guidebook also includes an interactive, online screening assessment designed for airport owners. Since 2011, she has played a procurement and/or risk advisory role on more than a dozen alternative delivery projects across the United States. Cait holds master’s in public administration from DePaul University in Chicago, Illinois.

cghoshal@consultaegis.com | 786-230-8003 ext. 132

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