Celebrating 15 Years

Mark Davies

President, Owners and Advisory Services

Mark Davies brings 30+ years of experience in Project and Construction Management to Aegis’ Owners and Advisory Services team. He is able to fulfill a number of project and construction management roles dependent on the projects’ needs and is highly adept at both pro-active and forensic construction consulting. This experience allows him an unparalleled ability to assess and react to challenges at all stages of the construction process.
Prior to Aegis, Mr. Davies was a Managing Director in Berkeley Research Group (BRG) and Head of the Latin America Region for the Construction Solutions Group. He is considered an expert project controls manager with significant experience in the project management, construction management and project controls (Contracts, Claims and disputes, scheduling and cost). Mr. Davies’ experience is broad based, he has been part of the senior management team on a number of international Projects in Europe, South Africa and South America.
Mr. Davies received degrees in Business Management and N3 Engineering and Technical Drawing at Damelin College and Benoni Technical College respectively in South Africa. Transferring in 2005 and recognized as a Bachelor of Science in Construction Management at Cal Tech University.

mdavies@consultaegis.com | 305-301-8544

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