Celebrating 15 Years

Amin Azizi


Amin Azizi is a Senior Risk Management Consultant with Aegis Risk, LLC who specializes in creative problem solving and robust analytical examinations. In addition to being adept and well versed at all the well-recognized diagnostic methodologies, his true strength lies in his ability to synthesize the highly complex into easily understandable concepts that clients can understand. His analytic proficiencies include, but are not limited to: Forensic delay allocations, As-Planned vs. As-Builts, Time Impact Analyses (TIA), Loss of Productivity Analyses, and Acceleration/Mitigation Analyses throughout the lifecycle of a Project.

Mr. Azizi’s Risk Management experience spans many industries and regions throughout the U.S. and in Europe. In addition to his experience in Risk Management, Mr. Azizi previously worked as a Project Controls Engineer where he had fulltime involvement on a renowned Silicon Valley mega project that exceeded $6 billion. Prior to joining Aegis, Amin earned his bachelor’s degree in Economics from the University of Maryland.

aazizi@consultaegis.com | 240-462-6065

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