Celebrating 15 Years

Why the Rhino?

“Do you know if we can meet in the Rhino conference room at 10 am?”

“Have the rhino welcome crates been sent out to all the new hires?”

“Does anyone know where the head to the rhino mascot suit is located?”

These are not questions you hear every day and certainly not in the workplace. Well, at Aegis Project Controls, they are part of our everyday. We have a huge affinity for rhinos! We know you are thinking, “What does a rhino have to do with the work Aegis does as a company?”

As a leader in the world of project controls, we help construction projects complete on time and within budget.  We provide top tier scheduling, risk mitigation, cost management, and data analytics.  However, what we do, and how we do it, are very different things.

Regardless of the challenge, whether it is just a small task or a tough $2 billion project, we, as a company, are steadfast in our charge.  We stand firm in our beliefs, employing and developing creative ways to solve problems while keeping a focus of helping the greater good over ourselves.

So, once again, the question of “Why the rhino?”

Simply put, these amazing creatures exhibit the same characteristics that Aegis embodies.  South African folklore tells us a story about the rhinos:

One night on the plains of South Africa, a massive lightning bolt struck the ground and started a terrible fire. While most animals immediately ran away from the fire to find safety, the rhino did the exact opposite. This majestic creature charged headfirst into the flames to stomp out the fire before it could spread. This act of bravery not only preserved the eating grounds and safety of the rhinos, but of all the animals.

Like the rhino, Aegis believes in moving towards the problem, and not away.  We continuously think about what we can do for the greater good of any project, client and just as important, our team.  Throughout our hiring process, we look for people with the characteristics of the mighty rhino. We look at how a candidate reacts to challenges and the creative solutions they can construct.  We look for all Aegonians to exhibit character, spirit, and honor.

Our motto, “Be the Rhino,” resonates throughout our offices and forms the basis of our Code of Conduct.  It is our promise, whether you are working with or at Aegis, that you are going to find people are who honest, fearless, innovative and thoughtful.  This mindset has led us to work with remarkable companies, people and projects.  We are incredibly grateful for the many opportunities we’ve had and look forward to the challenges of the future.


Check out our video on LinkedIn, of President & CEO David J. Hatwell, going into more detail on what the rhino truly means to us.