Celebrating 15 Years

We Are Planners

At Aegis, a common phrase heard throughout the office is, “We are not schedulers, we are planners.”

Straight from the CEO, Dave Hatwell, it has come to be sort of a motto for all of Aegis Project Controls. While a significant aspect of what we do is providing first-class CPM Scheduling services to our clients, how we deliver those services is key to Aegis’ core philosophy.

A scheduler is often someone who is well versed in particular scheduling software and assists their clients in turning a plan in their head into a computerized model of the entire project. As anyone who has done this can attest, this is no easy task. It involves thousands of data points, complicated software, and an understanding of good scheduling practices.

However, being a scheduler is the entry point into becoming a planner. A planner will understand and know the construction of a project as well as any superintendent. A planner will endeavor to become an expert on the permits, submittals, material deliveries, crew flow, resource restrains, and risks. A planner offers value way beyond a scheduler. A planner is an indispensable part of the construction and is often the first person the team goes to when a project stops going according to plan.

The reality of construction is that the difference between a good project and a bad project is how the team handles changes. A scheduler could, at the direction of the project team, change the logic of the plan. A planner will work with the team to identify the impacts of a change, model those impacts in the schedule, and come up with mitigation plans.

At Aegis, after thousands and thousands of projects, there aren’t many projects or changes we haven’t encountered. We work as part of the project team to come up with the best plan to succeed while keeping in mind the known and unknown risks. Our team of planners looks at a project from a thousand different perspectives, always looking for a more efficient and productive plan.

Alan Lakein famously wrote, “Planning is bringing the future into the present so that you can do something about it now.” This is what we do every day at Aegis. We put in the extra time and miles now, so that your schedule is the best it can be today, no matter what happens down the road.

Whether it’s overheard at lunchtime or projected on a slide at the annual meeting, the Aegis principle that, “we are not schedulers, we are planners” carries significance to every single Aegonian. No matter who you are working with, on what project site, if you are with Aegis, you can breathe easy knowing that you have a planner at your side.