Celebrating 15 Years

Aegis Field Trips

Do you remember field trips in elementary school? Do you remember all the fun and learning that took place?

What if there was a company that decided to offer field trips that did the same thing? A company that got you out of the office for an adventure, helped you learn about being a better team player, and gave you a chance to get to know your coworkers better.

This company exists, and its name is Aegis Project Controls.

When Aegis first opened its doors, everyone could fit in the same office and at the same conference table with elbow space.  Cultivating meaningful relationships was easy.  Today, we are a much larger company. The larger we get, the harder it is to make personal connections with one another.  We have Aegonians located in five offices spanning the country, and many more on project sites.  Getting to know one another can be tough.

Over the past decade, Aegis has implemented several solutions to solve this problem.  Without a doubt, one of our most popular solutions is Aegis Field Trips!  Once a year, Aegis provides all employees a fully sponsored two-day trip as a way to cultivate relationships among one another, to take an opportunity to provide out of office learning, and as a way to say “thank you” for all of the hard work done throughout the year. Each event is hosted near one of Aegis’ offices, providing a glimpse into the life of another Aegonian. From seaplane tours in San Francisco and sun buggy driving in Las Vegas, to driving a tank in Dallas, these trips are just a small extra for working at Aegis.

These trips are based on the idea of building relationships. The whole culture at Aegis is based on healthy relationships – with your family, with your coworkers, and with the job itself. Employees of Aegis are encouraged to take time off and to participate in activities outside of the office with their coworkers. At Aegis, we look at each other as framily (friends + family), not just co-workers.  We look at our jobs as what we love, not just what we do.

After a Field Trip is over, and everyone goes back to their respective home offices and/or project sites, the next time a challenging situation occurs, we hope every Aegonian will feel comfortable enough to reach out to someone they met on one of these trips, regardless of location.  Once you drive a tank or learn to surf alongside a co-worker, it opens the lines of communication for Aegonians to have a vast pool of resources outside of just those within their respective teams and supervisor.  It encourages collaboration and innovation.

This unique field trip program helps our team develop critical personal and professional relationships for their lives. And, in turn, it makes the vast, growing world of Aegis much smaller.


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