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Staying Together at Home

A fundamental element of Aegis Project Controls is our culture of togetherness. In any given month we have an all company event, team competitions, and weekly group lunches. Our offices are always filled with chatter and laughter between colleagues turned friends. But at a time where the entire company, along with most of the world, has gone […]

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We Are Planners

At Aegis, a common phrase heard throughout the office is, “We are not schedulers, we are planners.” Straight from the CEO, Dave Hatwell, it has come to be sort of a motto for all of Aegis Project Controls. While a significant aspect of what we do is providing first-class CPM Scheduling services to our clients, […]

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Aegis Field Trips

Do you remember field trips in elementary school? Do you remember all the fun and learning that took place? What if there was a company that decided to offer field trips that did the same thing? A company that got you out of the office for an adventure, helped you learn about being a better […]

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Why the Rhino?

“Do you know if we can meet in the Rhino conference room at 10 am?” “Have the rhino welcome crates been sent out to all the new hires?” “Does anyone know where the head to the rhino mascot suit is located?” These are not questions you hear every day and certainly not in the workplace. […]

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Life of an Aegonian

Aegis was founded with the belief that every voice counts and that the best ideas don’t have to come from management. We have an open-door policy for all employees that encourages entry-level Aegonians to feel free to speak with any executive about anything from ideas to improvements. We regularly send out surveys and create touch […]

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Run, Rhino, Run!

Aegis Partners with Smithsonian National Zoo on First-Ever 5K to Support Rhino Conservation Last Saturday I watched a rhinoceros run down Washington, D.C.’s famous Pennsylvania Avenue in sight of the nation’s capital building. OK, it was a runner dressed as a rhino, but it was no less glorious. You see, Aegis partnered with the Smithsonian […]

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Getting to Done Done

What does done mean anymore in the construction industry? Even after 30 plus years in construction and scheduling, I remain amazed at the staggering amount of time it takes to complete a project. The problem is now so bad that I constantly find myself hearing the same question in meetings: “You say it’s done, but […]

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How Your Schedule and Production Charts Can Save You Money

Failing to finish a project on time is one of the biggest risks facing owners, construction managers, and contractors. When a project begins to get off track, this schedule exposure generally results in acceleration, trade stacking and other inefficiencies – all things that increase costs and risks. So how can you mitigate your risk and […]

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