A game-changer for schedulers, Rubix is an analytical software program created by Aegis Project Controls that improves the efficiency of project controls professionals.  Originally used only in-house, we’ve expanded it to our clients on demand, and now offer our latest version of Rubix, which showcases improvements that create a more intuitive and streamlined experience.

In addition to connecting directly to a Primavera database, Rubix can now directly import XER schedule files.  Rubix also now includes built-in schedule compliance checking for the Veterans Affairs and the United Facilities Guidelines. Also added, are a host of database and file utilities that solves several of Primavera technical issues and improves the overall performance of your database.

Rubix delivers detailed feedback on the health of a schedule by analyzing the logic of the schedule. Rubix features also include the ability to compare two projects for changes and check for compliance with numerous federal specifications. This analytical software has 500 checks to provide scheduling teams with insight on the quality of the schedule being reviewed.


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How RUBIX can comparerubix-image

Here is just some of the information that RUBIX can provide when comparing project schedules to help with progress updates, schedule development and/or general schedule management.

  • Added/deleted activities, constraints, WBS details and activity details
  • Changed percent complete, percent types, calendars, activity details and critical status
  • General activity status – planned, in-progress and completed
  • Changed durations and floats
  • Added/deleted/changed activity relationships
  • Changed actual dates
  • Accelerated/delayed activities, as well as activities that should have finished
  • Added/deleted/changed cost and resource details

How RUBIX can analyzedatabase

Here are a few of the many reports that RUBIX can run on a project schedule to help make a good schedule great:

  • List of the critical activities
  • Negative/high total float
  • Milestones list
  • Constraints list
  • Open ended activities
  • Corrupt activities and relationships
  • Improperly updated activities
  • Out of sequence activities

How RUBIX can ensure

RUBIX can check a schedule against a number of different specification requirements to make sure that the schedule is compliant. RUBIX has been pre-programmed to check for USACE, NAVFAC, GSA, DOE and VA compliance. Custom compliances are available and can be provided on request.

These are a few of the reports that RUBIX can run to ensure that a schedule is in compliance.

  • Activity ID coding and descriptions
  • Duration check
  • Artificial float constraints
  • Open ends
  • Out-of-sequence progress
  • Negative lags and start-to-finish relationships
  • Schedule calculation mode
  • Cost or Resource Loading
  • Mandatory Activities

The efficiency and simplicity of RUBIX

RUBIX is packed with features that can help any project controls professional perform their job efficiently with reliable reporting. RUBIX is created by project controls professionals who envisioned having a robust – yet efficient – tool to help manage project schedules. It boasts compatibility and functionality that fits the industry and roles perfectly. Some of these features include:

  • RUBIX functions can be performed in a “live” schedule. There is no need to export schedule files for each schedule to analyze. RUBIX connects directly to scheduling database.
  • Reporting is available in Excel (for analysis) or HTML in a browser (for reporting/printing)
  • Previous reports are automatically stored for quick reference
  • Compatibility with multiple database formats, including SQLite/SQLExpress
  • Compatibility with local or networked project database environments

For more information please contact sales@consultaegis.com.

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