Sample Client Dashboard - Cleanwater Example

Sample Client Dashboard – Cleanwater Example

Aegis Analytics is a cloud based dashboard that tracks the real-time status of multiple projects by connecting to the live Primavera schedule databases. Company leaders, project executives and managers can check the status of any number of projects in one simple to read dashboard. Aegis Analytics removes the need to create manually generated reports, which are outdated as soon as they are printed. Aegis Analytics is designed to be accessible from any device. Whether presented on big boards or TV’s, your company’s project data is presented in a clean dashboard with easily understood data.

Project Summary

3 example screens

The project summary page, which can be fully customized, provides the most recent historical data of each project and some key metrics including:

  • Current completion date
  • Overall status of the project against the completion date
  • Costs billed to date and costs billed to planned
  • Critical Path Length Index
  • Schedule Performance Index
  • Baseline Execution Index
  • Percentage of planned activities actually started and completed

Using these factors and the detailed history of each project, Aegis Analytics calculates the proprietary “Aegis Score” which gives an overall assessment of the health of the project.

Schedule Details

With Aegis Analytics, you are one click away to a closer look at any project. The details page breaks down the project in a number of ways to give you a full understanding of a project. To evaluate projects, Aegis Analytics uses industry standard and additional metrics that Aegis Project Controls uses in its day-to-day operations.aegis analytics screenshot

Aegis Analytics ScreenshotIn addition to giving instant feedback on the current status of each metric, Aegis Analytics lets you select how it has trended over time. This historical perspective can allow you to identify red flags that could not be recognized in any one period, but over time represent a risk to your project.

Milestones Information

milestones informationIn addition to the standard metrics, Aegis Analytics lets you identify important project specific milestones. Project teams can choose any milestone or activity that the team believes is critical for tracking. Aegis analytics provides the current status of each milestone in an easy to read table and tracks that milestone against both the past update and your baseline plan.

Not only does Aegis Analytics track the current status of each milestone, it also provides trending and historical data for each of the selected milestones. This allows users to make informed decisions about the health of their project.


In addition to the standard metrics, Aegis Analytics can be fully customized to a company’s specific needs and branding.

Demo and Implementation

Contact Aegis Project Controls at about implementing Aegis Analytics or to see a live demo of this dashboard in action.