Cutting Edge Technology

Aegis’ suite of technology products are created by construction professionals for construction professionals. Our cloud solutions, project management software and technical support services, coupled with our nationally recognized work, uniquely position Aegis to provide a wide range of high-quality project controls services.

Aegis Analytics Improves Executive Management

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Aegis AnalyticsAegis Analytics puts executives ahead of the curve when they are managing many projects. It allows executives to quickly review the status of all their projects in one place — and identify any projects that need attention. Through a real-time, online dashboard that ties directly into the project schedules, Aegis Analytics delivers metrics that provide feedback on the health of multiple projects in one place. With a single mouse click, clients can review detailed project data and easily take an in-depth look for more information.

Through key performance indexes and trending of both time and costs, Aegis Analytics helps executives better track their project portfolio. Aegis Analytics is easy to use with its standard dashboards, and can also be customized with dashboards that directly reflect our clients’ portfolio and branding. The real-time project data in Aegis Analytics is updated through our database connector and innovative software.

Compare and Assess Schedules with Rubix

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RubixA game-changer for schedulers, Rubix is an add-on software program for Primavera P6™ created by Aegis Project Controls. For a full list of its capabilities, view the brochure below.


Rubix’s Professional Edition is licensed for one user on one computer. The License cost is $1,000, and there’s life-long updates without any additional upgrade costs.

Software Restrictions

Rubix will not run on virtual machines or hypervisors, and is currently supported only on desktop operating systems like Windows 7 or 10.

Aegis Cloud Simplifies Primavera

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Aegis CloudAegis takes the hassle out of using Primavera with our application cloud solutions hosted on our state-of-the-art data center. Using Aegis Cloud benefits our clients by providing maximum network security and guaranteed up-time reliability with seamless 24-7 access to data. It helps eliminate the trouble and expense of dealing with new hardware, software installation, upgrades, and the risk of power or network failures. We can quickly simplify the Primavera installation process, handle all infrastructure needs and provide access through a computer, tablet or smartphone. We work directly with clients to evaluate their needs and recommend hardware and software solutions.

Aegis’ knowledgeable staff uses Primavera on multi-billion dollar projects and applies hands-on expertise to improve our clients’ experience with the program. We can seamlessly implement this software into existing construction and engineering operations. Our partnership with Oracle allows Aegis to offer clients Primavera, the leading project controls software.

Purchase Primavera

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Oracle PrimaveraOur Primavera sales are an outgrowth of our own use and experience with this gold-standard software for project controls professionals. Clients who purchase Primavera from Aegis benefit from our deep knowledge of the program with ongoing training and technical support. Our experience with Primavera sets us apart, and has helped make Aegis one of the top resellers of Primavera in the U.S.

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Free Utilities

During our everyday role as Project Controls engineers we’ve developed a few utilities that help us do our job a little bit better. We’re happy to share these utilities with the general project controls community.

Date Calculator – This simple program calculates the number of days between two dates, the start date based on days to a finish date and the finish date based on days from a start dates. Our program is customizable and allows you to choose which days to calculate and even has a one button click for federal holidays.

XER Parser 2.0 – The original .XER parser was originally created by one of Oracle’s support staff who has since stopped development and the software eventually stopped working with Microsoft latest Excel releases (2007+). This useful tool opened up a schedule in Excel and allowed a user to quickly make changes in excel and then convert the Excel file to a new .XER schedule file. We loved this tool so we updated the .XER parser to work with Excel 2010 and upwards.

POBS Fix Utility – Primavera P6 commonly creates significantly large files when exporting to the program’s portable format (.XER). This is due to the exported schedule file’s embedded POBS data (Performing Organizational Breakdown Structure). Oracle hasn’t released any features that use this data, so it’s unnecessarily (and dramatically) increasing the size of the database. Our standalone utility allows you to select any .XER file and delete the POBS data in a single step. Note that this functionality is part of our Rubix software. You can find this option under ‘Tools’. Rubix also will give you the option of clearing out the POBS from your entire database as well instead of just one schedule at a time. Rubix also allows you to clear POBS from multiple .XER files at once, instead of just one file at a time.

Aegis Project Controls accepts no responsibility from damage to yourself or your computer that may arise from the installation of the free software that is provided on this page. By downloading and/or using this item you use them at your own risk, and we accept no responsibility for anything that may occur as a result of your use of, or inability to use, the item provided via this page. Distribution is strictly prohibited. If you encounter issues with the software you can contact, however Aegis Project Controls, does not guarantee or offer any formal support for these products.