A high-quality Critical Path Method (CPM) schedule is a critical component of any successful construction project. At Aegis, we take pride in our commitment to this core service. With experience ranging from civil to industrial to high-rise construction, Aegis is expertly positioned to create CPM schedules that exceed expectations.

Aegis expert schedulers have developed design, pre-bid, coordination, baseline and integrated master schedules.  Our specialized approach to scheduling combines generally accepted accounting principles with CPM scheduling expertise to result in highly accurate and sophisticated cost loaded schedules. We routinely produce Owner and Subcontractor payment applications and ensure that the costs billed in the schedule matches our client’s financial systems, including both internal and external change orders.  Aegis is completely proficient with cost loaded schedules from the inception of the project through completion.

Comprehensive Knowledge of Government Specifications

Aegis has a comprehensive knowledge of most federal, state and county construction specification including:

  • The United States Army Corps of Engineers (USACE)
  • The Naval Facilities Command (NAVFAC)
  • Department of Energy (DOE)
  • Veterans Administration
  • Department of Transportation (DOT)
  • NASA
  • General Services Administration (GSA) and other Federal entities
  • Advancement for the Association of Cost Engineers International Recommended Practices

Aegis has successfully implemented and managed schedules utilizing the pertinent scheduling specifications including: Engineering Regulation ER-1-1-11, Engineering and Construction Bulletin ECB 2005-10, the Standard Data Exchange Format (SDEF) Provided in Appendix C of the Resident Management System (RMS) Manual and the NAVFAC Specification Section 01 32 16.  Aegis corporate standard CPM schedules conform to the level of detail required by the USACE, NAVFAC and most federal entities.

Aegis’ CPM scheduling experience includes some of the largest government projects built in the USA over the past decade.  We work with our clients to create scheduling protocols and to provide, find or interview scheduling staff, as well as perform quality control.

Having created schedules throughout the country, Aegis is conversant with nearly every state’s various specifications and leverages that experience to ensure compliance and scheduling success.

Schedule Updates and Monitoring

Accurate and proper updating of the project schedule is an essential step in monitoring any project.  There are many facets to properly updating a project schedule including: inputting accurate as-built data; reflecting accurate percentages of completion; ensuring that the schedule logic comports with the contractor’s planned sequence of construction and project requirements and the identification of potential issues.  For every update Aegis will:

  • maintain a realistic schedule for management and field planning,
  • ensure that progress shown is accurately depicted in terms of physical progress, costs and resources,
  • ensure that the schedule meets the specification requirements, internal project requirements and good scheduling practices, and
  • provide real-time feedback to the project team on past, on-going and prospective risks.

At Aegis, we recognize that our client’s time is limited, so we work hard to ensure that the update process focuses on results, not preparation.  We are unique in our leverage of technology to assist with scheduling, and we have created innovative technology products to help schedulers.

Schedule Review

Aegis’ services include detailed CPM schedule reviews, including for constructability, specification compliance and good scheduling practice.  We also provide schedule reviews to determine the accuracy of the schedule as it relates to the construction drawings and the progress of field crews.  Aegis can also review the cost and resource loading of a schedule against the plan and actual expenditures.